About Us

Serving the unfortunate people without any discrimination

Waseela welfare council started at 1-6-2006, 32men and 10 women started it, and they belong to different villages of Tehsil Phalia Distt M.B. Din

Members of Waseela welfare Council surveyed that there are two hundred and seven villages in Tehsil Phalia. 30%population lives at bank of river Chanab .They use to effect by flood every year and source of income depend upon harvest and labor .They are leading their life below the poverty line .This Area is deprived of basic necessities ,there is no Govt and private technical education institute .First of all we focused on the problems of helpless and disable women, then this thing came in to the knowledge that mostly women of this area bound to work forcefully on the bricks companies due to poverty and unemployment .

For the solution of these problems Waseela welfare council established Sahara vocational technical education center on1-1 -2007 by self-support, free technical training was started for the poor helpless disable .orphans and needy people. On the other hand Waseela Welfare also worked for basic necessities of this area. And built the many streets and funeral places .Risky diseases were spreading due to sanitation system. And also constructed drainage system ,On the other hand members of Waseela welfare council surveyed and this thing came into knowledge that drinking water also polluted due to lots of flood and usage of agriculture chemicals .community of this area was suffering from hepatitis B, C and diseases of kidney, for this Waseela welfare council started the scheme of planting water pumps to supply of water in 2008 2009.we planted 50 motor pumps for supply of clean water in thirteen villages .we provided clean water certified from laboratory and after that in May 2010 Waseela Welfare Council got registration and started work properly .