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Today, Mandi Bahauddin is a city in central Punjab. It is also the capital of Mandi Bahauddin District. The city is some 220 metres above the sea level and is located in central Punjab, between the rivers Jhelum (north 12 km) and Chenab (south 39 km). Mandi Bahauddin, the capital of the district, is also the Tehsil headquarters. Mandi Bahauddin Tehsil has 27 Union Administrations/Union Councils. 

In 1506 AD Hazrat Bahauddin a Sufi Darvesh established a settlement namely Pindi Bahauddin in the north-eastern corner of the region known as Gondal Bar, after his immigration from Pindi Shah Jahanian to this area. The settlement soon became a center of intense commercial activity, hence named afterwards by the merchants as Mandi Bahauddin, the Market of Bahauddin. The proto-city was later on fortified with 9 main doorways to guard against foreign invasions. The wall intact today was completed in 1946.


Phalia is a Tehsil of Mandi Bahauddin District, Punjab, Pakistan. The population of Phalia was calculated to be 25,914 in 2007.

Phalia is situated at 32.43 N latitude and 73.58 E longitudes. It is located between the main cities of Mandi Bahauddin and Gujrat, about 23 kilometres from Mandi Bahauddin and 50 kilometres from Gujrat and 45 kilometrer from Malakwal and near about 80 kilometres from Salam interchange on M-2 motorway, at an altitude of 672 feet above sea level.

Phalia has a moderate climate, which is hot in summer and cold in winter. During peak summer, the day temperature rises up to 45 °C. The winter months are mild and the minimum temperature may fall below 0 °C. The average annual rainfall in the district is 50 millimetres.

Population and religions
Phalia is not a big city, with about 20,000 houses occupied by about 150,000 people. Most of the population of the village are Muslim with some Christians.


Punjabi is the native language of the province and is the most widely spoken language in Phalia. Urdu has started to become more prominent in many areas now due to its official status as the national language.

Registered voters
The number of registered voters in the Constituency PP-117 (Mandi Bahuddin-II) Phalia is 134,119 among them almost half of them are of female voters.