President Message

In response to a call of conscience, I just collected a bunch of children of construction workers who had never seen the inside of a school and started interacting with them on a daily basis so that they could not only learn but also become more aware beings. This individual modest effort of teaching and feeding a little bit from my own modest resources 40-45 children at any given time under the trees on the vacant lot in front of my residence continued for at least one year before I thought of forming an organization, getting it registered, roping in more like-minded and well-meaning people as members and patrons who could chip in with funds and even their time and energy so that more needy citizens could be tangibly benefited. And so the march continues, with different programs of citizen welfare running in my home town Phalia. An expert team of professionals has been engaged to help me with this work. This year the Waseela Welfare Council has completed many a project with the help of

public as well as the private sector organizations. Our educational programs such as Waseela Vocational Training Center, Waseela Computer Lab and Waseela Health Lab are running effectively and efficiently. These people, whose education is being sponsored by the Waseela Welfare Council, are being rendered every support and help by us and our selfless philanthropies.
To cope with the challenges of good quality education, computer technology is being extensively used in both the training centers and health centers. A small dedicated band of teachers, college going students and working young men have also come forward to interact with the needy women, to train them and to take them through the paces of emerging technology. Guided by this band of dedicated workers, the needy women of Phalia have performed practical work in garments industry and different public and private sector organizations.

Since I dream of opening more such centers in and around Phalia, of converting the computer center into a decent computer college with full time teachers and instructors for these poor people and of putting more and more bright students among them into good institutes for further studies, you can always come out with your support and contribution in the way you deem proper if you feel for the cause.

Looking forward to your invaluable help and support.                                                                

Chaudhary Azmat Warraich